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P1 ACCA Exam Coming sooo soon!

Exam just around the corner! What to do when there is a lot of workload to do. It's the lucky day for an auditor like me. So busy even weekends not mention public holiday. It's always tiring. There is an issue in audit firm that people know. It's worker turnover very high. Why? Firstly its because of lower payout, secondly workload is too much to handle, third its just not suit with the heart. Hehehe. It's true when payout is too low despite with much more workload it's just unfair! Need to work like crazy, to satisfied their concern, change there and there its really consumed a lot of time cost. Make me bored also. Forget about it lets talk about the exam. Unfortunately, I think I will need a lot of time to recover everything. Need to understand every single things in the text book. Somehow it's just really hard. Very hard to even spend time to study. I don't have any mood to read the book. The worst is when I tried to read it's make me dizzy at no tim…