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Friday, September 11, 2015

Rich Dad Poor Dad - by Robert T. Kiyosaki

I think this book is really best. First of all i thought the language is hard to understand but of course its not. This is about the two mindset of Rich Dad - know a little for all and Poor Dad - know a lot for one (specialization).

The conflict between this two mindset really show us the reality of nowadays life. Are we categorized in Rich Dad mindset or Poor Dad mindset?

What i love most is we need to be financially literate so that we can be financially free. What the used of being highly paid but at the end of the month we always in check mate position.

So, now i'm doing it. First invest in myself by learn and learn new things. What the biggest treasure we have is our MIND. We need to gain more knowledge so that we know what to do next. Look forward to finish reading this book and the others.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Sandakan Nature City: 1 day trip

Sandakan War Memorial
At early 9.30 I start driving to Mile 8. First place on list is Sandakan War Memorial Park. Thank God it’s free entry. So we just enjoy ourselves, taking a lot of pictures besides we learn some about history of Sandakan. We can see old boiler, alternator & excavator, Japanese quartermasters store and kitchen, concrete water tanks without water and small house a.k.a museum. There is also lake with small turtle and Lotus flower.

Sandakan Crocodile Farm
Bored already, we go to the next place. Second place is Sandakan Crocodile Farm just near to Sandakan War Memorial Park. The ticket fee is RM7 for adult and RM5 for children. Not only crocodile we can see here, but there are ostrich, fish, birds, goat, hedgehog, chicken and so on. But the place is quiet scary. The bridges were too old and feel like anytime it will broke. Just imagine what happen if the bridge broke and crocodile already open big its mouth. Woo. Scary dew! But so far it’s still ok and safe I guess. At 11.45 a.m. and 4 p.m. something there is crocodile show. We can see the staff brush crocodile teeth, dance with small crocodile, and kiss its mouth.

After the show, we so hungry so I just brought them to giant. There is KFC at mile 8 but I don’t really like the place because its look old. After lunch we buy some snack because we want go to picnic at Sandakan Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) at Mile 14.

But we don’t go directly to RDC. We go to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBC) while waiting Sepilok feeding time at 3.00 p.m. We didn’t come inside the BSBC because previously I have already visited the place. There is no sun bear come out when we arrive. After 2 hours waiting, then the staff calling the sun bear. They give the sun bear fruits but only 2 or 3 sun bear come out. It’s really small and very shy sun bear. So I think I don’t want to waste our time to come inside. We just pose for photo session only. 

See..big momma eat by herself
At 3.00 p.m we come to Sepilok. Ticket fee is only RM5 for adult and RM2 for children. There is a few Orang Utan eating bananas while we watching their eating behaviour. Somehow the Orang Utan was so cute. Perhaps they wonder why we as humans so busy body watching they eat their bananas. Do humans want some too? “I don’t want to share!” Orang Utan actions show it. Hahaha. That’s it we will see when we visiting Sepilok. Don’t expect we will mingle with them. Touch the Orang Utan is impossible I guess.

Orang Utan spotted at RDC
Our last place to visit is RDC. At 3.30 p.m. we head to RDC. Ticket fee is only RM7 for adult and RM2 for children. After tired watching Orang Utan eating their bananas, then it’s our turn to have our snack too. It’s just awesome have snack in front of peaceful lake with fresh air. Just want to sleep over there. Have our fuel fill in then we go to canopy walkway. There are 4 towers for watching birds. Every tower has their own bird’s species. Perhaps we just climb it without our binoculars. So what do you think we will see? Of course nothing!. Hahahaha. But there is Some Orang Utan eating at the bridge. First I just watch them from far. Of course I’m afraid to come close. So I just watching them eat. What I can see, after a few minutes we watching, the Orang Utan give space to us to pass by. Perhaps it thinks we want to pass by. That time I think they are so sweet. But still I don’t dare to come closer. We just climb the tower then and have our nice breeze and view. There is also suspension bridge but that time its under renovation. There is also water bicycle. Just pay RM5 for 1 ride. I bicycle can ride by 2 adult and 2 children. They will give 15 minutes to ride it along the lake. At 5 p.m. we moved as the place will close.
But I don’t directly go back to home. We just head to Harbour mall at town. Eating MCDonald ice cream and buy some stuff.

Actually BSBC, Sepilok, RDC and Taman Jalil Alip are located at Mile 14. At main road, there are 2 intersections. If you come from Sandakan town your right is Taman Jalil Alip and left are Sepilok, BSBC & RDC. So just plan your trip so that you didn’t miss any place to visit.
We didn’t go to Taman Jalil Alip because I have already gone there. The place is best for picnicking also. There is deer, crocodile, and others animal. But that place is quiet old and I think they should renovate it to make it nicer.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cerita si anak laut - by Sherry

Sebuah keluarga tinggal di hujung dunia
Tiada harta mahupun tanah
Rumah usang menjadi saksi
Derita di masa muda hingga kini

Hidup mereka teramat susah
Hasil lautan punca rezeki
Di kala musim tengkujuh menjengah
Perut harus diikat rapi

Hidupnya penuh duri dan liku
Setiap keinginan pasti didahului kesusahan
Namun akhirnya akan ada jalan keluar
Kerana Dia yang Maha mengasihani insan yang terus berjuang

Di mana semua kemahuan terbatasi
Di mana semua keinginan tinggal angan angan
Dimana keperluan takkan terpenuhi

Perut terpaksa menahan lapar
Perlu bergelap setiap malam
Hujan menjadi saksi semalam

Derita hidup penuh kelam

Dia hanya insan kerdil
Namun semangat tetap utuh
Menjadi perwira di medan perang
Penghapus kemiskinan tegar

Cita, cinta dan impiannya setinggi awan
Ingin makan makanan yang paling enak dan mengenyangkan
Belayar menjelajah ke seluruh dunia
Dan menuntut ilmu sehingga penghujung jalan cerita
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