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Rich Dad Poor Dad - by Robert T. Kiyosaki

I think this book is really best. First of all i thought the language is hard to understand but of course its not. This is about the two mindset of Rich Dad - know a little for all and Poor Dad - know a lot for one (specialization).

The conflict between this two mindset really show us the reality of nowadays life. Are we categorized in Rich Dad mindset or Poor Dad mindset?

What i love most is we need to be financially literate so that we can be financially free. What the used of being highly paid but at the end of the month we always in check mate position.

So, now i'm doing it. First invest in myself by learn and learn new things. What the biggest treasure we have is our MIND. We need to gain more knowledge so that we know what to do next. Look forward to finish reading this book and the others.