Little turtle lost at sea

Written by Jessica Lorraine Santiago

Little turtle rushing to meet the sea
Broke out of your shell, you’re now free
Little turtle on a long journey
Embrace the waves, follow your destiny

Little turtle searching for that place
Where time stands still and everyone stays
Little turtle, have you found a home?
For you are loved and never alone.

Little turtle, nurse your broken heart
For there’s no going back to the start.
Little turtle, drowing in an ocean of pain
Let your tears wash away with the rain

Little turtle, aren’t you getting tired
Pretending you really never died inside?
Little turtle, stop reaching for the sun.
In her eyes, you belong in the ocean.

Little turtle lost at sea,
Rise above your misery.
Little turtle lost at sea,
Remember how it used to be.

Little turtle lost at sea,
You will be found… maybe


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